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Covid-19 First Aid Training Safety Precautions:

Although we have not yet reached the stage of community transmission of the virus, it’s prudent to put some general precautions in place now and re-evaluate as the situation changes.    There are two basic areas we want to address:

Firstly, minimising the risks for staff, instructors and students attending courses.

Secondly, ensuring we provide students with information on what precautions they can take in order to keep themselves safe.

  • if anyone is feeling unwell leading up to their course, they should stay home - they can contact us and reschedule for a later date
  • If anyone does appear to be unwell on the day, instructors will have a quiet word with them and encourage them to go home and return to complete the rest of the course another day.
  • If instructors are unwell, we will try to reorganise or reschedule the class or cancel if needed
  • We can rely on people who've returned from any overseas trips or have otherwise come into contact with a possible case to have self-isolated or been isolated
  • Students must wear gloves for any activity where they are touching each other. Fresh gloves for each activity – these will be provided
  • Fresh bandages available each time their use is called for
  • For the recovery position and other practical scenarios, students' faces shouldn't be too close together
  • MediTrain courses will not include the demonstration of rescue breaths during CPR practice or assessment. Rescue breaths would be simulated in the sense of pausing compressions and miming the action.
  • Keep an eye on our web site for any further changes.